Properties in Bulgaria Provide Long-Term Investment Possibilities
It's a tough property market in Bulgaria but investors prepared to pay now will reap the rewards later, the Daily Mail reads.

Overseas property consultant, Simon Conn, adds: 'In good city locations, such as Sofia and the better-quality coastal developments, there are long-term possibilities.'

Carl Froch, the World Boxing Council super middleweight champion, is finding investing in overseas property just as satisfying as delivering a well-placed left hook. Over the past 12 months he has been investing in small apartments which he intends to rent out to locals rather than holidaymakers, and a suite in an 'apart-hotel', which he hopes will have a good return.

Carl isn't worried about negative comments about the Bulgarian property market: 'That mostly relates to the south-eastern coast, which is like the Costa del Sol. I have invested in Kostinbrod, which is 15 minutes from the capital of Sofia.

Reports show an 8.4 per cent increase in tourist revenue in 2008, with demand from foreign visitors and Bulgarian nationals expected to remain stable this year, backed by a government advertisement campaign worth the equivalent of ВЈ3.5million to promote tourism, Daily Mail comments.