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House in Somogyviszló, Baranya \nRenovation house on a plot of almost 4,000 m2 in the beautiful south of Hungary.\n\nThe house needs to be renovated, but certainly offers possibilities.\nBuilt of stone and in reasonable... more
N: 3758044 Not Selected House
76 sq.m.
House in Felsőszentmárton, Baranya Really a DIY house, but for this price you can make something\nbeautiful out of it.\n\nIt is a 109 m2 stone built house consisting of 3 large rooms, the\ncentral hall / living room and the... more
N: 3758043 Not Selected House
109 sq.m.
House in Tótújfalu, Somogy This house requires a lot of time and work.\n\nIf you have a lot of time, you can turn this into a nice house again.\nThe house has a good base with a natural stone foundation and is built\nof... more
N: 3758041 Not Selected House
59 sq.m.
House in Járdánháza, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén €55\'263\nCommission to be added.\n\nHouse with a special appearance on a plot of over 8.500 m2\n\nThe house is in reasonable condition and you can move in quickly. It\noffers the hall, living... more
N: 3757999 Not Selected House
80 sq.m.
House in Bánréve, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén £50\'575\nPlus commission on top\n\nRenovated house with quite a lot of space.\n\nThe house has recently been renovated. For example, new electricity\nhas been installed, new water pipes have... more
N: 3757998 Not Selected House
18 sq.m.
House in Csokvaomány, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary £37.778, excluding 4% tax\nCommission to be added\n\nThis house is in good condition and well worth a visit if you are\nlooking or a house up north.\n\nThe house is in good order. Roof was... more
N: 3757932 Not Selected House
100 sq.m.
House in Ózd, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary £12.222 excluding 4% tax\nCommission to be added\n\nApartment/house in the city of Ózd. Great if you need an address or\nwant to rent it out.\n\nThis is a house without a garden. Directly on a... more
N: 3757930 Not Selected House
50 sq.m.
House in Borsodnádasd, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary £31.111 , excluding 4% tax\nPlus commission to be added\n\nNice house with a lot of space around the house and with the\nopportunity of a guest house\n\nHouse consists of two floors and... more
N: 3757916 Not Selected House
80 sq.m.
House in Teklafalu, Baranya, Hungary £35.556 excluding 4% tax Plus commission on top Planning to live independently? Come and have a look here. Pretty big house. Needs to be refurbished, but offers a lot of space and if you need... more
N: 3757910 Not Selected House
115 sq.m.
House in Bikal, Baranya, Hungary £37.778 excluding 4% tax\nCommission to be added\n\nBeautiful classic farmhouse with veranda and columns on a plot of 4,711 m2.\n\nThis is a classically built farmhouse. Swabian architectural... more
N: 3757909 Not Selected House
125 sq.m.
House in Bakóca, Baranya, Hungary £17.111, excluding 4% tax Commission to be added. In the small village of Bakóca, in the province of Baranya, you will find this partially renovated house. Lot of work has already been carried... more
N: 3757908 Not Selected House
75 sq.m.
House in Izsófalva, Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén, Hungary £15.556 ,excluding 4% tax\nCommission to be added.\n\n\nRenovation project in the north for a great price.\n\nHouse is definitely worth renovating. Is a brick house and has two\nfloors where you... more
N: 3757855 Not Selected House
120 sq.m.
House in Segesd, Somogy, Hungary £31.111 excluding 4% tax\nPlus commission to be added\n\nFormer Hungarian farmhouse in a quiet part of a good village.\n\nThe house is located in a backend street of Segesd in a quiet... more
N: 3757841 Not Selected House
90 sq.m.
House in Drávafok, Baranya, Hungary 12.222 , excluding 4% tax\nCommission to be added\n\n\nHouse for a nice price with the possibility to create your Hungarian House here.\n\nStructure of the house is quite good. It is built of... more
N: 3757836 Not Selected House
House in Gyulaj, Tolna, Hungary \n£20.667 excluding 4% tax\nPlus commission to be added\n\nYou still have some work to do on this house, but the basics has been laid.\n\nThe owners have replaced the water pipes and the... more
N: 3757825 Not Selected House
68 sq.m.
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