Living In Bulgaria
Where To Stay

There are many excellent choices in Veliko, Bulgaria. The Yandra Grand Hotel is very modern and has only been open since last year. Velchovazavera Square is a great choice as well. For very reasonable rates you may want to stay at the Hotel Comfort. Hostel Mostel (based in Sofia) plans to open soon in Veliko.  There is even more to choose from in Sofia, Bulgaria. You may want to try Hotel Nicky located right in the middle of Sofia city with a multitude of conveniences and attractions. For something a little quieter, try the Hotel Kapri located close to Sofia International Airport and Central Railway Station. At the center of Sofia and close to many attractions is the Hotel Serdika. Also found in Sofia are the well known Hotel Hilton and Hotel Sheraton.

Up And Coming Resorts
Bansko, located in Sofia, has become a favorite for skiers. It has earned a reputation as one of the top up and coming resorts in Europe. Here you will find good value for your money. Also becoming popular with skiers are Borovets and Pamporovo, both also located in Sofia.
Up And Coming Towns
One town worthy of a second glance is Shabla, Bulgaria. Here you have access to bars, shops, a hotel, and a post office. Close by you will find a beautiful beach. Also up and coming is the town of Elhovo, Bulgaria. Elhovo is located between beautiful coastal and mountain areas. It is very close to Turkey.
Up And Coming Villages
Ravda Village is quickly gaining recognition with vacations and investors. Ravda is located just 10 minutes from Sunny Beach. Ravda is a desirable family vacation destination. Another up and coming village is Leshnitsa. Located near Sofia, this village is also gaining popularity with foreign investors.
Hints On Travel By Train
Most of the trans-European and trans-continental trains travel through Bulgaria. Fast and express trains can access Sofia and bigger towns throughout the country. Sleeper cars are best for traveling at night. Advance tickets can be purchased at the Comprehensive Transport Services Centre. Tickets can also be purchased on trains but this will cost more.
Hints On Travel By Taxi
Taxi drivers frequently take advantage of travelers. Be aware especially at the Sofia Airport and the Central Train Station. There are a few ways to avoid this. It is best to use metered taxis with clearly displayed rates. Only ride in taxis owned by reputable companies. Taxi drivers can legally charge any price they choose as long as it corresponds with the rate displayed on the windshield. If you need a taxi at the airport, look for the booth that is located within close proximity to the arrivals terminal. This booth will arrange for passengers to have metered taxis at a reasonable price. It is much more of a challenge to find reputable taxis when arriving at Central Train Station. In a situation such as this, try to settle on a fare with the taxi driver beforehand.
Hints On Travel By Bus
Buses and mini-buses can be found in urban areas. Trams, trolleys, and underground are found in Sofia. It is customary to purchase a ticket before boarding public transportation. Expect to have your ticket perforated upon boarding the bus. The Bulgarian bus system is efficient and dependable. 
Proposed Locations For Golf Courses
Expect to see more golf courses in Bulgaria in the next few years. There will be a golf course at Razgrad in Northeast Bulgaria close to the Black Sea. There will be two golf courses at Kavarna. Primorsko has a golf course scheduled to open within a few years. The up and coming resort area of Bansko will soon offer a golf course as well. 
Prices are much cheaper in Bulgaria for many things. The price of one slice of pizza on the street starts from about 1 BGN (0.50 EUR) while the price of some restaurant pizzas is around 10-15 BGN (5-8 Euro). A can of Coca Cola in Bulgaria will cost 0.330-0.75 BGN (0.40 EUR) and a 2-liter bottle of Coca Cola will cost 1.90 BGN (1 EUR). Expect to pay from 5.00-10.00 BGN (2.50-5.00 EUR) for movie tickets.