Why buy in Bulgaria
With prices in Bulgaria incredibly low for houses; and with the long term prospects for Bulgaria so positive, property investors, astute second home buyers and those looking to relocate to Bulgaria are being afforded a wealth of choice and a fantastic opportunity. 

What’s Available?
Properties available are similar to the range of property available in countries such as France, Spain and Portugal - from substantial seaside villa homes to small rural cottages, from well proportioned city apartments to pieces of land on which you can build your dream home.

Although the type of property available can be compared to what’s on offer in more popular European expat destinations, the prices in Bulgaria are at a fraction of what you would expect in the other countries. Therefore if you are interested, whatever your budget, Bulgaria will have something to offer.
Boom - Bust?

Since 2003 prices have increased on average by 20%, but the property analysts in Bulgaria point out that prices are starting from a very low level and have a long way to go yet in order to get in line with similar destinations in Europe.

Bulgaria seems to currently represent an excellent opportunity for property investment - some say comparable to Spain some 20 or 30 years ago.

There are many British people looking to invest in Bulgaria right now. The majority of people looking for real estate bargains are after holiday homes - or homes in which they can later retire - though there has been something of a boom in commercial property interest as well.

Restrictions on Purchasing & The Bulgarian Act on Foreign Investment
With the “Bulgarian Act on Foreign Investment” restricting foreigners from owning land in Bulgaria, the most common way around this is for foreigners who wish to own property to register a company which then owns the land and the property.

This restriction will disappear in 2014 as Bulgaria is keen to get in line with the laws and rules in other EU countries! When the law changes the property price inflation could be great.
Convince me!

Another two reasons why property values in Bulgaria are expected to continue increasing at a double digit rate are the mortgage lending potential and the increased foreign direct and indirect investment in real estate, and this increase in foreign investment is set to continue because of Bulgaria’s EU membership perspective and the constantly expanding tourist industry.

All these factors add up to show exactly why property in Bulgaria is big, big business and why the growth is set to last.