Cost of living and Taxes
One of the strongest attractions of Bulgaria for foreign nationals - apart from its stunning natural beauty of course - is the fact that the costs of both living and property in Bulgaria are so affordable.

For those coming from the UK or mainland Western Europe the prices for the majority of goods, services, commodities and property in Bulgaria are markedly lower than those that they are used to. This fact alone has resulted in Bulgaria becoming popular with those looking for an affordable second home, a cheap holiday destination or even a country in which to live where savings or pension income will go so much further.

The average annual salary in Bulgaria is between GBP 300 and GBP 800 with many people having to survive on far less than that - naturally enough this means that the cost of living in Bulgaria and the cost of main items and foodstuffs that are essential for day to day life have to be priced correspondingly lower.

All locally grown and produced food stuffs are at least a third of the price of similar items in the UK for example, and it is only imported items that carry any significant cost. Those who come from a Western economy to live in Bulgaria and then shop carefully and buy fresh produce from stalls or markets will find that their weekly food bill is dramatically lower than what it used to be.

Anyone who likes to eat out will find that other than the really touristy restaurants in the main resorts a decent three course meal in a local restaurant can cost as little as GBP 5 - 8 a head. Wine is available from GBP 3 a bottle - and the wine is good at that price rather than like vinegar! And beer monsters will be happy to learn that in most bars their favourite tipple is for sale from as little as GBP 0.40 a pint.

All in all Bulgaria is an incredibly affordable place to live, those who want to make their retirement income go further or who would like to downsize will find that their savings and income can go far further in Bulgaria - but if it is a cheap cost of living that you’re after avoid living or buying property in Bulgaria’s main ski and summer resorts.

Garbage Tax - Approximately 25 GBP
Building Tax - Approximately 15 GBP
Electricity - Tax There is no such tax / you pay only what you use
Water Tax - There is no such tax / you pay only what you use
Insurance/optional - 14 GBP for a 14 000 GBP property
These are all the taxes. Just take a look at the extremely low cost of living in Bulgaria.