Banks and Mortgages


National currency: Bulgarian lev (pl. leva). Coins with smaller denomination are called “stotinki” (100 stotinki = 1 lev).
There are banknotes of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 leva. and coins of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 stotinki.
Banks and currency exchange: Many local banks and currency exchange offices function in the capital and in the country. Big international banks also have offices here. Working hours of the banks: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m., Monday to Friday. Currency exchange offices are open to 6 p.m., some working 24 hours a day. Currency exchange at the airport on arrival or departure, and in the big hotels, is also possible.

Banks and Mortgages:

Living in Bulgaria you can enjoy the high interest percent offered by most of the banks here. The average interest percent of the deposits in Bulgaria is around 7%. You can live happily while your money is multiplying. Just imagine if you have 100000 GBP in the bank, in a few months they will simply turn into 107000 GBP. With such a high interest percent in Bulgaria you really earn money without doing anything.

Mortgage loans for foreign citizens in Bulgaria are available in EUR only. Typically, the maximum amount which the banks allow is up to EUR 250000 and the term of the loan cannot exceed 25 years.

The amount issued from the bank depends on the status (level of completion) of the purchased property. If the property is on level “rough construction”, the maximum amount can be up to 70% of the market valuation. If the property has permission for use - the bank can allow you up to 80% of the valuation.

Mortgages in Bulgaria are available on a Repayment (capital and interest) and Interest only.

In every country one of the most important institutions about economy is banking. Bulgarian the situation is almost the same. With every day more and more people are taking loans from the banks about buying their own homes or buying a car.

It is very hard to buy a house, to buy a car at a time with your own sallary. That is why the banks are offering loan, mortgages and so on. Here are the most famous Bulgarian banks.

Bulgarian National Bank

Bulgarian National Bank is the most important bank into Bulgaria. it is decining everything about Bulgarian economy and currency. The website is absolutely cool in Bulgarian and English language, which will help to you to find everything you need into the website.


One of the best banks in Bulgaria definitely is Allianz. The bank is from the leaders into the best bank support and user’s confidence. The bank has a lot of companies using its offers and loans. The website is bery good and you cn easily find everything you need here, just for a second.

Central Cooperative Bank

The Bank with prime activity about investing into small and middle business into Bulgaria is the bank that has interests into many of Bulgarian sectors. That is why many people prefer to take loans from this bank for their business and to realize their ideas.

ING Bank

The ING Group had prime activity of banking and insurance. The website of the bank is pretty weak and you will not find much things, but the insurance section is good.So if you are interested in that you may visit this website, otherwise you will waste your time.

Investbank AD

Very interesting website of bank with activity of investing into medium and large business. You may take a loan about your ideas and to realize everything you want to do with your business. Nevermind, just try this website for much information about possible loans.

First Investment Bank

One of the first Bulgarian Banks that started their work into the country with almost broken economy, was First Investment Bank. Not the bank developed a little, but the competition with other collegues is too big and the new European banks are too rich. Just see the website for more info.

SG Expressbank

SG Expressbank is the one that I’m using from some years and I like it very much. SG is very strong institution and I’m sure that my money will be sure into this bank. SG Expressbank website is very good, and the e-banking is pretty fast, but there is a little more work to be done.

MKB Unionbank

The Bank is working with USA consulship, which is enough to be sure that this bank is good for your money. The website is good and the bank has a lot of offers for all kind of services that you may need from any bank. E-banking is not so good as others’ but really not bad.

United Bulgarian Bank

United Bulgarian bank is very good bank and the website is good and can help you very much. You may see all services from the bank and everything that you may need from this bank. For more information just visit the website and ask some of customers’ sevices


One of the strongest banks in Bulgarian definitely is Postbank. The bank attracts with low interest of the loans and investment of many projects of people trying to build their business. That is why so many companies are working with Postbank.

Raiffeisen Bank

Raiffeisen Bank is 100% property of Raiffeisen International Bank Holding. The institution is very strong with a lot of capitals and money that should be invested in good projects in Bulgarian business. You may realize your idea with credit from Raiffeisen Bank.

Tokuda Bank

Tokuda Bank became a lot of famoust with the investment for Varna City, the Port Varna East. The invest is about 200 millions USD, which is a sign for strong financial security of the bank. You may see some projects’ investment of the bank of Tokuda and see more information about loans.

UniCredit Bulbank

UniCredit Bulbank is property of the largest Italian Banking Group UnGroup, from some months property of SG. The bank is very good and reliable for your money and will give you interest very attractive that you should wonder to choose them or not.